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About The Cheat Planet

Welcome to The Cheat Planet, the home to hundreds of game hacks and game cheats!

What do we have to offer? We specialize in android game hacks, ios game hacks and pc cheats. We are hoping to expand in the near future and add thousands of traditional console game cheats and cheat codes.

When was The Cheat Planet founded? 2008! We started out as a small project releasing our hacks to a small community on an underground forum for online FPS games. In 2012, with the massive rise in mobile game popularity we switched our attention more to the Android game hack and android game mods industry. 2012 is also the year that our website was founded and things became more official.

Our Goals: We have already achieved so much, but the main goal of course would be to increase the popularity of The Cheat Planet. We currently get over 10,000 unique visitors daily (thank you all) but it would be great to one day hit the 100,000 mark and compete with the likes of cheatcc.

How is The Cheat Planet funded? By our visitors and members. Not directly, but indirectly. Instead of selling our game cheats for cash, we came up with a solution where we get paid but you, our members, don't have to pay! How we achieve this is by content locking. To use our content, it must be unlocked by completing a survey. When the survey is completed we get paid, you get the content, both parties win. We hand pick the easiest and quickest surveys so they mostly only take 2-3 minutes.

Does it work? If it's still visible on our website, there's a 99% chance it works! When any of our game hacks stop functioning or requires updating, we will temporarily remove those specific game cheats from the website. In the rare case that you do find something that isn't working, please contact us using the contact form. Please include the following details: Game Hacks Name, Link to page, a brief explanation about what went wrong. We will then do some tests, temporarily remove it from our website and work on a fix. We will then email you once the game hack has been patched.

Anyway that's enough about us. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We will indeed take game cheats requests in to consideration if they are in high demand. We are pretty confident that we know how to hack any android game, some just take more time and effort than others. You can also register as a member of The Cheat Planet for free, for a chance to get extra privileges. Enjoy!


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